Core Gliders Whole Body Workout kit and Skipping Rope Bundle Sale

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Core Gliders Whole Body Workout kit and Skipping Rope Bundle Sale Bundle Sale for CrossFit Training




MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE - This jump rope ensures flawless, high-speed rotation with its smooth double-ball bearing 360° system. It’s perfect for those grueling Double Unders. Skip like a pro!

ERGONOMIC HANDLES - Our lightweight aluminum handles have anti-slip cross patterns that keep your hands from slipping. The improved grip allows you to take your performance to another level.

ADJUSTABLE LENGTH - The wrong cable length can slow you down. Made to help you achieve your best performance, our speed rope can be adjusted to your most comfortable length. An extra cable is included!

NO PLIERS OR SCREWS NEEDED - Built with a self-locking mechanism, our skip rope can be adjusted without tools. Simply press the handle end and insert or pull out the cable to your desired length.

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED! - Known to be very responsive, our 24-hour customer service team is here to support you. Contact us if you encounter any issue, we are always happy to help!


BUILD a stronger core with Bear Fit Core gliders

WHOLE body functional workout - engaging the core and abdominals during all movements performed with the Bear Fit Core gliders

Designed for use on several surfaces for at-home and gym use. Surfaces such as Carpet, Wood, Tiles, or Laminate.

FREE Bag for storage big enough for more fitness gear


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