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BEAR GRIP - New Grip Pads for Pull Ups, Workout Gloves
 Alternative | Weight-Lifting Gym Training Anti-Slip Grip Pads | Support Power-lifting, Body-Building, Fitness for Men & Women

Bear Grips are very useful open aired training gloves made from neoprene. A perfect size for your pocket and not a hassle to slide on and off when required. Provides Comfort, grip and prevents Calluses and Blisters. Decrease Sweat & smelly odour. Not too thick to the point you are more concerned with being able to hold the dumbbell or barbell. Not too big that it gets in the way. All our products are also tested and approved by certified Personal Trainers, Physiotherapists and athletes from all different sports. 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE..Contact us directly if you have any issues.
  • MAXIMUM GRIP & NON-SLIP - Increased grip when exercising e.g. doing pull-ups, rowing and other pull exercises. Maximize the training effect with no sweaty or slippery hands! Suitable for all common strength sports such as Calisthenics, bodybuilding, Freeletics, CrossFit, BodyBuilding and DeadLift. 
  • PROTECTION OF THE SKIN - The ergonomically shaped grip pads relieve the pressure on the hands and protect your entire palms against skin tears and corneal formation thanks to extra large grip surfaces. Provide massive protection against formation of rough, tough calluses on your hands where you grip the barbell. Minimize soreness and provide support when doing Pull ups, and heavy lifting. 
  • TWO HIGH-QUALITY LAYERS-The extra grippy rubber surface with slats and a chic logo on the bottom offers you the perfect grip. The high-quality neoprene protects your palm from cracks and absorbs sweat without stinking.
  • LONG DURABILITY - Thanks to high-tech neoprene rubber material without unpleasant sweat or chemical odor. The perfect alternative for those who don't want to use training gloves for a long-lasting workout.

BEAR GRIP’s fingerless design is breathable and lightweight, with cushioned palms to give you a comfortable workout. Our pads are moisture resistant and waterproof which means you can toss it right in the washing machine and dryer along with your gym clothes.

BEAR GRIP uses Premium materials that are suitable to palm ensuring that the user holds tight to the iron bars, barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells as well as various other exercises requiring grips such as pull-ups and chin-ups without the hassle of slipping. Universal size & Unisex: Those with larger hands will appreciate the elasticity built into the finger loops, which allows them to stretch to fit. Unisex in design and fit. They're made for both male and female.

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