Bear Grip Hip Band Circle - Glute Activation Band Heavy Elasticated Cotton in Two Sizes Ideal for Warm ups …

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  • ★Perfect for warming up your hips and activating your glute muscles before a big training session. Also used as an injury prevention tool. Suitable for both men and women. Medium size is 62cm in circumference and large is 72cm in circumference.Size Large = Moderate resistance.... Size Medium = High resistance.
  • ★Premium cotton blend material for greater comfort. Strong and durable that does not slide or roll up during workouts, whilst made from high quality soft fabric. Bear Grip Bands provide a much higher level of resistance in comparison to regular mini rubber bands that get annoyingly bunched up due to having thin material.
  • ★Carry Bag included with each band for storage to make is easier to take them to the gym, CrossFit box or Yoga Studio.
  • ★INCLUDES EXERCISE EBOOK - with 20 exercises from warm ups to Advance and Rehabilitation & Corrective Exercises. If you do not receive your ebook please contact us and we will send one right over.
  • ★TRUSTED UK BRAND - Being in the fitness industry for over 10 years (not like some imitation brands) UK buyers buy our products with confidence knowing our customer support is always ready to help. 1-year Warranty.

Details: The Bear Grip Bands advanced design both activates various muscle groups and also strengthens them. When worn around the knees or ankles, the contribution of the hip extensors (glute max), hip abductors and external rotators (glute medius and minimus, piriformis, gemellis, obturators) during the exercise increases compared to a control group (no bands). Both activating and strengthening these muscles help the joint maintain a more stable and strong position, which leads to improved performance and reduced incidence of injury. Bear Grip is made up of a team of experience Physiotherapist, Personal Trainers and athletes who understand the biomechanics of the body and have a passion of helping other increase their knowledge during exercise. We won't make false claims like other companies that the bands alone will give you the amazing Glutes (booty) that you are after but we can promise you in reality that it will help supplement your Glute workout immensely. You still have to workout hard and do your regular squats, lunges, etc... We have included a exercise ebook to help you out if needed :)

Color: Aqua
Size: M