BEAR GRIP Mouth Guard/Gum Shield for Boxing, Rugby, MMA, Hockey, karate and all contact sports

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  • The Bear Grip Three Layer mouthguard is a comfortable and robust gumshield in a slick design, suitable for all contact sports. Providing a secure fit and strong protection for your teeth, gums and jaw, this excellent self-mould mouth guard is perfect for adults, teens and children aged 11+. Suitable for use during boxing, rugby, hockey, karate, basketball, martial arts and all other combat sports.
  • Made from the highest quality materials, the Bear Grip mouthguard is designed to fit comfortably and securely in your mouth. Our intelligent boil and bite technology ensures your gum shield is properly moulded to fit your jaw for secure and gag-free use. With your mouth guard firmly in place, you are free to concentrate on the game ahead.
  • Constructed to provide robust protection for your jaw, teeth and gums, our highly-resistant mouth guard incorporates a number of design features to deliver all-round protection. Latex-free and anti-allergenic, this is a superior gum shield that will last.
  • With an outer layer made from heavy-duty, shock absorbing rubber accompanied by integrated shock pads on either side, plus back padding cushions you can be sure that your teeth, gums and jaw will remain fully protected during impact. Meanwhile integrated air channels and a custom fit ensure that you can breathe and talk with ease.
  • Our boil and bite moulding is quick and easy to use, providing a soft and comfy inner layer that delivers strong protection and maximum stability Our self-mould sports mouthguard comes with a hygienic case for safe and clean storage, plus clear and simple instructions for moulding which you will receive via email for easy reference long-term. We also offer friendly customer support if you do have any questions.
Color: Black
Size: Adult (11+)