BEAR GRIP - Premium Weight Lifting Multi Straps

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    • ☆Now comes Three Sizes☆ Comfortably Eliminates Grip Fatigue & Failure during heavy lifts. Amazing for exercises such as deadlifts, and pulling movements and can be used for push movements too.
    • ☆ Comfortable neoprene wrist support so no added tension on the wrist
    • ☆ Heavy Duty, double Cross stitched for extra durability
    • ☆ Alternative to weight lifting hooks, easy to use...You simply wrap it around the bar either over or under then Lift.
    • ☆TRUSTED UK BRAND - Being in the fitness industry for over 10 years (not like some imitation brands) UK buyers buy our products with confidence knowing our customer support is always ready to help. 1-year Warranty.
    What are the benefits of using Bear Grip weight-lifting straps?

    The benefit of using straps is that they allow you to fatigue the target muscle without worrying about your grip failing first. So, if your intent is to improve the size and strength of a certain muscle group, then using Bear Grip straps improves your ability to do so. Some exercise examples include:
    • Dumbbell or barbell rows
    • Shrugs
    • Deadlifts
    • Romanian deadlifts
    • Rack pulls etc..
    Why use Bear Grip multi grip wraps? Bear Grip multi Straps provide weight lifters with the combined advantages of training gloves and weight lifting straps. The straps help you lift heavier weights and the rubber pads protect your hand and prevent it from slipping.
    What the Benefits of using Multi Straps in comparison to conventional straps? Bear Grip Multi Straps is quick and easy to use in comparison to conventional straps as you do not need to waste time constantly wrapping. You simply slide the rubber grip over the bar...wrap once and off you go. The rubber surface of the grip gives greater

    Why Choose Bear Grip?

    We actually take care of our customers

    The Bear Grip Team is made up of fitness professionals who have over 25 years experience in the industry. We know the challenges of finding top quality products for great value. There are to many companies that are over priced and we wanted to make a difference in the industry whilst taking great after care once a customer has purchased our premium products. We are a UK based company that do not over charge like brands from other countries.

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