BEAR GRIP - Workout Gloves, Lightweight Breathable edition

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  • MADE BREATHABLE: Our light gym gloves are made with high-quality ultralight and sweat absorbent microfiber fiber. Breathable meshes and vents on the back keep your hands dry. These gym gloves keep your palm cool and dry after hours of intense workouts. Tiny holes between fingers will improve the breathability of the whole gloves enabling heat and moisture to escape fast.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND DURABLE: Bear Grip Workout Gloves are designed to be slim and lightweight offering you the most comfortable wearing experience with strong flexibility and perfectly protect your hands without hindering your movements at the same time. Ultralight microfiber material also ensures that training gloves are wear-resistant and durable.
  • FULL PALM PROTECTION & STRONGER GRIP: Premium weightlifting gloves cover the entire palm and the thumb of your hand providing overall protection and comfort on your palm. With its unique design, it provides a superior stronger grip on the barbell, dumbbell, weightlifting, pull-up bar, muscle up rings, kettlebells, and more! This provides a much better grip than traditional leather palm gloves. No more torn hands and no more calluses.
  • EASY WEAR: Strong Hook-and-Loop Strap pull loop design is easy for you to wear on/ put off and also provides you with good stability during exercise. Pull Tabs on fingers make it easy to pull gloves off. Designed to easily wear and easily taken off, Slip your hands into the gloves and adjust the wraps for a personalized fit.
  • MAXIMIZES YOUR GRIP: Our products are made from durable and premium materials and came up with a design that not only enhances and leverages the muscle, direction, placement, and optimizes grip functionality but mostly to provide protection and comfort. Our Product helps you protect your hands from calluses, reduces friction discomfort, and allows you to do more lifts at the same time maintaining a strong grip.
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