BEAR GRIP- Pull Down Bar Set of 5

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BEAR GRIP- Pull Down Bar Set

Bear Grip Lat Pull Down Bar Attachments, Set of 5, Cable Workout Accessory for Gym, Fitness, Weightlifting Use, Strength Training, Bodybuilding.

  • EASY TO GRIP Handle Design - with rounded handles which take the strain out of your arms and puts more emphasis onto your back muscles. Also helps with physio and rehabilitation for injuries such as tennis elbow etc.
  • MULTIPLE GRIP TYPES-Grip bars with a medium neutral grip, wide grip, pronate medium grip, close neutral grip, and supinate close grip which is ideal for the weightlifter, CrossFit athlete, or bodybuilder looking for targeted muscle and strength growth.
  • NON-SLIP-GRIP- for best slip-resistant and skin-safe coating for maximum comfort, stability and control over your lifts without worrying about digging into or ripping your hands.
  • HIGH QUALITY AND LONG LASTING- made for heavy lifting every day and all types of strength training.
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