BEAR GRIP's Accessibility Statement

We strive to ensure our website is universally accessible. If you encounter challenges in viewing or navigating the content, discover any feature that seems not fully accessible to individuals with disabilities, or have suggestions for enhancing our site's accessibility, please reach out to us at Use our live chat and, where relevant, include "Accessibility" in the subject.

Our goal is to foster an environment where everyone feels they belong. We are an equal opportunity employer and emphasize inclusivity at every employment stage, starting with the application process. As a proud Disability Confident Committed employer, we guarantee an interview opportunity* for anyone who identifies as disabled under the Equality Act 2010, provided they fulfill the role's basic requirements.

We are dedicated to making necessary adjustments* for candidates with specific needs or disabilities during our recruitment phase. Every applicant is evaluated fairly and impartially, with zero tolerance for discrimination.

Your feedback is invaluable. We will incorporate your suggestions and insights as we consistently aim to enhance the accessibility of our website.

*For requests related to reasonable adjustments, please reach out to . If you'd like to schedule an interview through the Disability Confident scheme, you can indicate this on the job application form