Understanding and Managing the Distinct Smell of Rubber

Understanding and Managing the Distinct Smell of Rubber

Why does rubber smell weird?
When a product made with rubber is first opened, it is normal that the odor of rubber will emit. This is because it is packaged, thus encapsulating the freshly made item and its scent. Sometimes this emission is referred to as outgassing.

Outgassing refers to the release of gas which is dissolved or trapped inside materials when the surrounding temperature or pressure changes. Changes in surroundings result in sublimation or evaporation of the trapped volatile substances or chemicals. Usually, the substances that cause outgassing are volatile, which means even small changes in the surrounding can make them convert into their gaseous form.

How do you stop rubber from smelling?
Here are a few tips and suggestions to quickly reduce the strong rubber odor from your new purchase:
-Clean with white vinegar.
-Vent the area well.
-Harness the power of the sun.
-Dilute the odor with smell-fighting natural scents.


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