BEAR GRIP - Open Workout Gloves with extra Palm Protection

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BEAR GRIP - Open Workout Gloves with extra Palm protection for CrossFit, Bodybuilding, callisthenics, Powerlifting

  • Lightweight and long-lasting ventilated weight lifting gloves for a super secure grip without the sweat. Keep your entire palm properly protected from painful calluses and ensure your hands can breathe whilst you train. For Men and Women
  • Providing the confidence and comfort you need to lift heavy weights and grip securely, our training gloves will make slips and sweaty hands a thing of the past. Enjoy your workout and lift more weights knowing your grip is secure.
  • Comfortable Padded palm with a Silicon Printed Neoprene Design makes painful calluses and blisters a thing of the past with all-over protection for the inside of your hands and providing extra grip.
  • An essential, adjustable wrist strap with convenient Velcro fastening delivers full support to protect your wrists.
  • Ideal for Crossfit, Bodybuilding, Calisthenics, Olympic lifts, Powerlifting, Strong Man, Gymnastics, Rope Climb, and many more. If there is anything you are not 100% satisfied with, contact us for a money-back Guarantee.


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