BEAR GRIP Power Belt - Elite Edition Premium Double Pong Weight Lifting Belt

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  • Bear Grip Genuine Leather weight lifting Elite belt - is 4” wide and 10mm thick to perfectly assist during Squats, Power lifting, Dead lifts, Clean and Jerk and many more other exercises.
  • Why use a Belt? Increase intra-abdominal pressure or pressure in your abdomen, during heavy weight lifting lifts. The pressure creates a rigid core, stabilising your spine (back) and helping increase you maximum power.
  • Premium Quality Material to provide a soft and comfortable feel whilst offering Maximum Performance and resilience during daily workouts.
  • Double Prong Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Roller buckle to ensure a snug fit and optimal comfort and support. SCREW RIVETS for extra security and safety.
  • We are Flattered by those who imitate us however we are always going to be the Original BEAR GRIP =)

PartNumber: BG-1234

Model: BG-1234

Color: Black_elite
Size: Small