BEAR GRIP - Premium Boxing Hand Wraps

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BEAR GRIP - Premium Boxing Hand Wraps - For Combat Sports, Boxing, MMA, Martial Arts, Kick Boxing

  • DESIGNED TO PROTECT- Bear Grip’s hand wraps are designed to protect your knuckles, bones, tendons, and muscles against the most common types of injuries that are common to boxers, especially your hands and wrist. Hand wraps compress the bones and tissues in the hand and prevent injury by maintaining the alignment of the joints and lending strength to the soft tissue of the hand during the impact of a punch.
  • PROVIDES COMFORT AND PREVENTS INJURY- Bear Grip’s hand-joint protectors are made with breathable material that keeps your hands fresh and comfortable. Support your hand joints, bones, muscles and tendons during intense punching, Boxing, striking, and sparring workouts. Featuring the optimum combination of elasticity, strength and comfort we have used improved fastening for additional security.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY AND DURABLE- Our hand wraps are manufactured using an optimal blend of fabric that is slightly elastic and very durable at the same time. The construction is durable and hard-wearing without being too stiff; it is made from high-quality Polyester and cotton blend for ultimate performance and comfort. The use of hand wraps helps support the wrist and hand during irregular strike force distribution.
  • IMPROVED FASTENING TECHNOLOGY- Our Hand wrap gloves are armed with an extra-long band that provides superior wrist support and a comfortable fit. Our fighting hand wraps ensure good wrist sustenance which is essential when sparring, unlike on the punch bag the target is unpredictable in surface area, position and resistance. It is quick to fasten and hook because of our improved velcro fastening technology.
  • USED IN A LOT OF SPORTS- Our fighting hands' wraps are versatile and can be used by anyone who punches, hits or strikes, or takes part in combat sports. Boxers, martial artists, KickBoxing athletes, Muay Thai fighters, and MMA enthusiasts.