BEAR GRIP - Premium Figure 8 Weight Lifting Straps

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BEAR GRIP Padded Figure 8 Lifting Straps - Weightlifting Straps - Figure 8 Straps - Wrist Straps for Men, Women, CrossFit, Weight Lifting, Deadlifts - Deadlifting Straps (in 3 Colors)


  • PREMIUM QUALITY AND DURABLE: Premium quality materials with heavy-duty stitching, making these straps last,  its thick and durable cotton webbing, neoprene padding, and an innovative figure 8 design make these straps the most practical and effective. By wearing a figure 8 lifting strap while pulling on weights, you’ll be able to surpass the natural limits of your grip, allowing you to add an additional few pounds to your lift or a few more reps.
  • MULTI-SPORT USE: By locking your hands onto the bar, your Personal best can be increased because you can focus on the LIFT and not the GRIP. These weightlifting straps are great for deadlifts, rack pulls, bent-over rows, farmers carry and any pulling exercise. 

  • EASY USE: Bear Grip Figure 8 Straps are Super easy to get on and off, just place on the bar, slide your hand through, and tighten! Once they’re on, you’ll feel the insane amount of connection to the bar that your lifts will instantly improve, the bar will become a part of your body. Unlike other brands our figure 8 straps do not dig into your wrists, we’ve added a small neoprene layer that makes these feel like wearing gloves.
  • NON-SLIP AND COMFORTABLE: Bear Grips Padded Figure 8 straps are thick, strong and heavy-duty. These straps keep your hand in direct contact with the bar, improving the feel of the lift. Unlike other straps that dig into your skin and are extremely comfortable during heavy lifts. Whether you're lifting 140 lb or 700+ lb, know that these straps will still be comfortable and not fail or ever slip out as traditional straps can.

FOR MEN AND WOMEN - A single stitching point for ultimate durability and comfort, giving the right amount of pad for ultimate comfort in even the heaviest of deadlifts. Bear Grips goals are to give quality products as well as provide efficiency in your everyday workout and exercise routines. Its design provides a secure grip by tethering your wrists to the bar. So even if you relax your grip, you'll still be attached to the bar via the straps. For this reason, these are a great option for grip taxing lifts like heavy deadlifts and shrugs. With our Padded Deadlift Straps, you can get in position and off the bar in just seconds.

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